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09/15/2018 MSN News - Robots will probably help care for you when you’re old
09/14/2018 MSN News - The DelFly Nimble robot can fly like a real insect
09/01/2018 MSN News - Analysis: The quantum computing race the U.S. can’t afford to lose
04/08/2018 MSN News - Walmart's future workforce: robots and freelancers
03/01/2018 MSN News - Equifax says 2.4 million more Americans affected by breach
03/30/2017 Yahoo Finance - Automation study: 1 robot takes 5.6 jobs per 1,000 workers
03/28/2017 Yahoo Finance - Congress votes to roll back internet privacy protection
03/22/2017 Yahoo Finance - You’re not as secure online as you might think
03/08/2017 Reuters - FBI Director Comey at cyber conference: 'You're stuck with me'
02/13/2017 MarketWatch - Elon Musk on cyborgs and the huge disruption that’s closer than people think
01/25/2017 Yahoo Finance - 4 ways to keep your passwords safe
01/24/2017 Yahoo Finance - 51% of all job tasks could be automated by today's technology
12/21/2016 Yahoo Finance - White House: Robots will kill jobs and make inequality worse
10/29/2016 Yahoo Finance - Hackers are taking over your smart devices, here’s how we can stop them
10/22/2016 Yahoo Finance - How to fix the shortage of women in tech jobs
10/21/2016 Reuters - Cyber attacks disrupt PayPal, Twitter, other sites
10/20/2016 ABC News - NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever
10/07/2016 Yahoo News - U.S. Accuses Russia of Cyberattacks ‘Intended to Interfere’ with Election
10/05/2016 MarketWatch - Your email is only as secure as you make it
10/04/2016 Reuters - Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources
09/14/2016 Yahoo Finace - Congress could blow an opportunity to fix a major email privacy issue
08/30/2016 MarketWatch - Half of the high-paying jobs in America now require this skill
08/26/2016 Consumer Reports - Protect Yourself From Medical Identity Theft
08/16/2016 Tribune News Service - Hacker group claims to have stolen NSA 'cyberweapons'
07/26/2016 Yahoo News - Citing cyber 'revolution,' Obama issues attack response plan
07/05/2016 Yahoo News - Meet David Dworken, the teenager who hacked the Pentagon
06/02/2016 MarketWatch - Opinion: Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity
05/26/2016 MarketWatch - Google beats Oracle in landmark case involving use of Java APIs in Android
01/28/2016 WIRED - NSA Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him Out of Your System
04/26/2016 AFP - FBI Chief Sees Better Cyber Cooperation from China
04/19/2016 Good Morning America - Pentagon Will Reward Hackers Who Find Security Problems on Its Websites
04/09/2016 Business Insider - Victims paid more than $24 million to ransomware criminals in 2015 and that's just the beginning
04/06/2016 USA Today - WhatsApp Rolls Out Encryption to Its 1 Billion Users
03/28/2016 AP - Justice Department cracks iPhone; withdraws legal action
03/21/2016 Reuters - U.S. asks to cancel Apple encryption hearing, may be able to access device
03/17/2016 Good Morning America - Bank Tellers Increasingly Involved in Identity Theft, Prosecutor Says
03/11/2016 WallStreet Journal - Americans Rank Last in Problem-Solving With Technology
03/10/2016 MarketWatch - Robots are coming for your job, and most of you don’t even know it
03/09/2016 Fortune - The Surprising Reasons Why Most Girls Don’t Code
03/08/2016 Fiscal Times - How a Special IRS Security Tool Led to More Taxpayer Rip-offs
03/02/2016 ABC News - 'Hack the Pentagon' and Get Paid Legally in New Program
02/24/2016 Yahoo Tech - The FBI’s War with Apple is About to Go Horribly Wrong
02/22/2016 Marketwatch - FBI Boss to Apple Backers: ‘Stop saying the world is ending’
02/20/2016 Marketwatch - Apple vs. the FBI: A complete guide
02/18/2016 Marketwatch - Hollywood hospital pays hackers $17,000 ransom to restore computers
02/18/2016 Yahoo Finance - Here's what Google's CEO just said about Apple's battle with the FBI
02/17/2016 Yahoo Politics - NSA chief: ‘Paris would not have happened’ without encrypted apps
02/17/2016 WallStreet Journal - Former NSA Director Hayden: Comey Is Wrong
02/17/2016 MarketWatch News - Here’s what exactly the FBI wanted from Apple
02/08/2016 Yahoo Tech - 13 Essential Rules for Staying Safe on the Internet
01/28/2016 MarketWatch News - Identity Theft Complaints Soar
12/16/2015 BGR News - The NSA will spy on you for reading this article
12/07/2015 Yahoo Tech - FAQ: How Encryption Works And Why People Are So Freaked Out About It
11/25/2015 Yahoo News - Following Paris Attacks, Encryption Services Face New Scrutiny
11/24/2015 Money - Sophisticated New Scam Targets Retailer Payment Systems Just In Time for Black Friday
11/20/2015 Market Watch - Government calls for encryption ‘back door’ after Paris attack, but is it worth it?
11/19/2015 Yahoo News - Anonymous vs. Islamic State: #OpParis heats up as hackers target terrorists
11/19/2015 Yahoo News - How the Internet Aids Terrorists - And How It Can Be Used to Stop Them
11/17/2015 BGR News - Anonymous kicks off cyberwar against ISIS, gets 900 Twitter accounts banned
11/14/2015 Yahoo News - Paris Attacks Show U.S. Surveillance of Islamic State May Be ‘Going Dark’
11/11/2015 MarketWatch - That Massive Big-Bank CyberFraud, in Jaw-Dropping Numbers
11/05/2015 MarketWatch - In 2016, a Driver’s License May NOT Be Enough ID to Board a Plane
11/04/2015 MarketWatch - Is the red-hot security sector hitting a plateau, or is it just FireEye?
10/29/2015 MarketWatch - Snapchat’s new ‘scary’ privacy policy has left users outraged
10/27/2015 Yahoo Tech - CISA: Why Tech Leaders Hate the Latest Cyber-Security Bill
10/19/2015 MarketWatch - Americans are afraid of having their identities stolen but don’t do much about it
10/19/2015 Business Insider - Warning sign: Tech companies of all sizes and ages are starting to have layoffs
10/09/2015 MarketWatch - Opinion: Why You Need Smart Security for Your Smart Home
10/01/2015 MarketWatch - The problem with America’s new credit card technology
09/28/2015 Yahoo Tech - Blackphone 2: The Smartphone Built for Spies (and the People They Spy On)
09/21/2015 MarketWatch - Do you need enterprise-grade cybersecurity?
09/03/2015 AP - New Federal Requirements on Cellphone Surveillance
08/28/2015 BGR News - It’s not just Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 are also tracking you here’s how to stop them
08/12/2015 AP - Hacking ring accused of making $100M on stolen news releases
08/10/2015 US News & World Report - 9 Things to Do Immediately After Your Identity Is Stolen
08/01/2015 Yahoo Tech - The Biggest Computer Hack Attacks of the Last 5 Years
08/01/2015 Yahoo Tech - Windows 10 May Share Your Wi-Fi Password with Facebook
07/31/2015 BGR News - Windows 10 is Spying on Almost Everything You Do - Here’s How to Opt OUT
07/30/2015 Bruce Schneier - Back Doors Won't Solve Comey's Going Dark Problem
07/28/2015 Yahoo Tech - Scammers Are Using Google Drive to Steal Your Logins - Here’s How to Stay Safe
07/21/2015 Market Watch - Lifelock Failed to Protect Customer Data, FTC Charges
07/20/2015 The Verge - Ashley Madison's Data Breach is Everyone's Problem
06/06/2015 REUTERS - Medical data, cybercriminals' holy grail, now espionage target
06/01/2015 Business Insider - Facebook just made a provocative move that will infuriate law enforcement
05/30/2015 VOX - Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing
05/30/2015 REUTERS - Exclusive: U.S. tried Stuxnet-style campaign against North Korea but failed - sources
05/30/2015 REUTERS - U.S. to bring Japan under its cyber defense umbrella
05/29/2015 ABC News - NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Program May Expire: What You Need to Know
05/26/2015 ZDNet - Why SSDs don't perform
05/16/2015 ZDNet - How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)
05/11/2015 Yahoo Tech - Woman Allegedly Fired for Deleting App That Let Her Boss Track Her Movements 24/7
05/07/2015 Yahoo Tech - Report: Half of US Healthcare Providers Have Been Hacked
04/30/2015 BGR News - These are the 25 best passwords you can use… if you want to be hacked
04/30/2015 BGR News - Watch: A hacker has learned how to crack almost any Master Lock code in 8 tries or less
04/26/2015 REUTERS - Russian hackers read Obama's unclassified emails last year: NYT
04/172015 Yahoo Finance - NSA Wants Tech Companies to Give It 'Front Door' Access to Encrypted Data
04/12/2015 Yahoo Finance - An alarming new way to steal your passwords
04/08/2015 AP - Computer users face hard choice _ pay ransom or lose files
03/19/2015 Bloomberg - The Company Securing Your Internet Has Close Ties to Russian Spies
03/16/2015 AP - Don't want NSA to spy on your email? 5 things you can do
03/08/2015 Wall Street Journal - Protect yourself from tax identity theft
03/07/2015 Re/code - The CIA Says It’s Time to Up Its Cyber Game
03/03/2015 Reuters - Costly shift to new credit cards won't fix security issues
02/22/2015 LA TIMES - Women are Leaving the Tech Industry in Droves
02/16/2015 REUTERS - Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program
02/14/2015 NY Times - Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware
02/13/2015 REUTERS - Obama asks Silicon Valley to cooperate more against cyberattacks
02/12/2015 Business Insider - Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, and Eric Schmidt all just snubbed Obama
02/05/2015 Reuters - Health insurer Anthem hit by massive cybersecurity breach
01/21/2015 Yahoo Tech - How Obama's Hacking Laws Could Make You a Criminal